[Info] The Heroes Alley


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Dear players!
After our maintenance on September 25, 2019 we will open our Servers ''Hero Alley''!!


This Alley was created to honor our servers heros, who have been active for a long time!

How long you ask? 12 months or more!

In this Alley, you can find custom build Statues of our dear heros who have already reached their 12 months or longer term as heros!
Also, you will have an amazing view standing ontop of the Alley!

The Alley entrance is located in Diamond Shores next to the Ayanad Library.


You can take a break from your exhausting and tiring adventures and also get a special buff that will last for 30minutes (it will dissapear upon dying).
You can obtain the special buff from the statue located at the very end of our Heros Alley.

buff 2.jpg


Players whose statues are build on our Hero's Alley will be able to claim an unique reward from our golden chest!


To claim the reward from our Golden Chest, our dear Heros have to exchange their ''Hero License''.

The Hero License will only be given out 1 time to an character in their entire playtime on the server.

You will receive the ''Hero License'' via ingame mail if you have been a hero for more than 12 months and a statue has already been placed on the Hero's Alley.

So... what kind of rewards will our long-term heros get?

Hero Lodestone Furniture (grants a honor boost effect for 60minutes once every 24hours)


Great Hero Fountain (decor item for house or yard placement, it has 6 different modes)


Red Troodon Housepet 2x (decoration)


Hero Token (grants the ''Hero'' title).


Hero Cloak (use it to choose one of the 4 cloaks listed below)
  • - Strength +135​
  • - Stamina +130​
  • - Received Healing +9%​
  • - Melee Critical Damage +15%​
  • - Move Speed +13%​

  • - Spirit +135​
  • - Stamina +130​
  • - Received Healing +9%​
  • - Critical Heal Bonus+15%​
  • - Move Speed +13%​

  • - Agility +135​
  • - Stamina +130​
  • - Received Healing +9%​
  • - Ranged Critical Damage +15%​
  • - Move Speed +13%​

  • - Intelligence +135​
  • - Stamina +130​
  • - Received Healing +9%​
  • - Magic Critical Damage +15%​
  • - Move Speed +13%​

On our server are currently 3 players whose statue has been build and who have been placed on our Heros Alley.


Following players will soon reach their 12 month and therefore be eligble for their own statue.

Dharma - 11 months
Олександр - 10 months
Frozunyogurt - 10 months

We hope you like our new addition to the game and congratulation to all our servers heros!