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Dear players!
We have prepared a Support Pack for the players joining on our server!

Catching up to our loyal fighters and gardeners might be very hard if you are just getting started, this is why we have decided to give out a Support Pack for new players which will grant them Gear and other goodies to make their begin on our server easier.

Support Pack

List of items you will receive:

  • Cloaked Divine Radiant Hiram (T2) Weapon (4)*
  • Cloaked Divine Radiant Hiram (T2) Armor (7)*
  • Goblet of Honor (10)
  • Bound Lucky Elixir (5)
  • Snowmane Snowlion
  • Scroll: Farm Wagon
  • Fish-Find Longliner Design
  • Mysterious Hiram Infusion
  • Radiant Hiram Infusion
  • Hiram Awakening Scroll
  • Umbrella Magithopter (temp glider)
  • Cave Bat (temp auto-loot pet)
  • Midnight Owl (temp auto-loot pet)
  • Auto-loot powerstone (7 days)
  • Bound Hereafter Stone
  • Decrystallization Scroll
  • Small House Design Chest
  • Manastorm Crystal
  • Adventurer's Desert Fire
  • Adventurer's Mossy Pool
  • Adventurer's Assorted Savory Sirloin
  • Bound Tax Certificate
  • Hiram Awakening Scroll: Lv 1
  • Honorable Victory Rank 1/3/4
  • Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 1/3/4
  • Bound Labor Recharger
  • Wrapped Royal Archivist Mission: Mysterious Hiram Infusion (7 days)
  • Bound Clear Synthium Crate
  • Bound Blue Salt Manual
  • Bound Tempering Charm
  • Adventurer's Goblet of Honor
  • Luna Charm Rank 1

How to obtain this gift?
There are 2 different ways how you can obtain this gift.

A: Go to our discord server to the channel '''service_requests'' and type following sentence: !support_pack + your nickname.


To join our discord use this invitation link: https://discord.gg/cRC3JzG

After you have sent a message on the ''#service_request'' channel on discord, you should wait atleast 2 minutes before the bot will write to you.

or B: Donate any amount of €/$ to our server.

After that log into your personal account on the website and click on ''Gifts'' to receive your gift.


Only players who have created their account after 01.08.2019 and are atleast level 52 can claim the beginner package.
If you previously have received a beginner package already, then you cannot receive another one.

We wish you a very amazing time and thank you for staying with us, sincerely the ArcheRage Team.


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EN-CH Moderator
Dear players!

Our special offer for new and returning players was extended for 30 more days!

You will be able to claim the support/starter pack if you are a new or returning player until June 2, 2019!
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EN-CH Moderator
Dear players!

We have decided to offer the Starter package for new and returning players permanently.

Which means, there is no longer a time limit on when this promotion ends.
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