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Dear players!

Do you remember? when we launched 3.5 we had made many plans for changing certain things about the guild system, we were thinking of adding special guild skills and guild storages and so on.

There are a few things in developement right now, and we have composed a small list of features that will soon come to our server:

  1. Guild Bank
  2. Improved Guild Buffs
  3. Improved Guild Shop

The Guildbank will let the guild members store items on their guild storage. The guild leader will be able to modify the permissions of other guild members, to make them either be able to access this guild storage or not.
You will be able to add more slots to your guild storage using the new item ''Guild Certificate'' that will also be added to our server.

The new Guild Buffs will include an upgraded and improved amount of buffs, you will be able to purchase this buffs using the ''Guild Certificate''.
If you have any suggestions about the Guild Buffs you can voice them in this topic and we will read it and maybe some of your ideas will in the end be implemented in our Guild Buff System.

The improved Guild Shop will let you buy new and additional items.
To be able to gain access this new Guild Shop you will need to use ''Guild Certificates''.
The Improved Guild Shop will have to be paid in a weekly basis.

Guild Certificate function - it will let you change your guild buffs, your guild bank size and give you access to the Guild Shop.

Guild Certificate

1. You will be able to buy Guild Certificates sacrificing some of your Guild EXP. If you spend too much Guild EXP and your guild goes below 0 then you might lose a guild level.
(Example: Leader A has a Level 6 Guild with 50 EXP, he purchases Guild Certificates worth 100 EXP, therefor his guild will delevel to Level 5)
2. Depending on the Guild Level, there will be different tiers of Guild Certificates which will also cost a different amount of EXP.
3. The Guild Certificate level depends on the guilds level. Which means if you have a level 7 Guild you will be able to buy Level 1 - 7 guild certificates. If you have a level 6 Guild you will be able to buy Level 1-6 guild certificates.
4. Guild certificates are tradeable and can be sold on the Auctions House.
5. Higher level Guild Certificates can still be used by lower level guilds, regardless of their level.
6. The Guild Certificates are needed to pay for advanced guild functions for 1 (one) week, starting Mondays.
You are able to pay for a few weeks in advance.
7. The higher tier Guild Certificates will also give a better function.
As example with the Guild Storage:
  • Tier 1 Guild Certificate - 200 Slots,
  • Tier 2 Guild Certificate - 400 Slots,
  • Tier 3 Guild Certificate - 600 Slots,
and so on.

Again, if you have any feedback or suggestions to the changes above, please let us know!


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• Reduced world-gate opening time
• Reduced vehicle summon time
• Reduced mount death time
• Reduced vehicle repair time
• Rider's escape cooldown reduction
• Automatically grab all guild/family/login quests
• Faster pack pickup/drop speed, or slightly bigger pickup/storage distance
• More walking with pack speed
• Slower respawn cooldown increase

Just some of the tedious things I'd like to see buffed from my potato farmer side of things, that could be introduced as guild buffs maybe.


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- Decreased Leech time
- Decreased gold needed to make trade pack
- Increased chance to find Royal seeds
- bigger bonusses vocation expertise and vocation hastener scroll( production time increase)