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Every day the same question again.

  • What are ArcheRage Favor Coins?
  • Where do you get them?
  • What do you do with them?
  • Where do you exchange them?

Now, let me answer all of those questions in this small and simple guide.

What are ArcheRage Favor Coins?

They are another currency on our server, much like Gilda Stars or Merit Badges.


Where do you get them?

The ArcheRage Favor Coins are a 100% drop from each random chest you open, like this one:


You are also able to obtain them by doing our custom quest lines, which both start in Golden Ruins (Quest Log -> Race Quest -> Chapter 20 & 21.


What do you do with them?

You can exchange the favor coins for useful items, regrade charms, designs, temporary mounts and temporary costumes.


If you like gambling, you can also try to gamble them in one of the casino machines.



Where do you exchange them?

You exchange them in Mirage Isle, right beside the mainbuilding



List of items you can get:

  • 7 Days - Stormwing Pegasus
  • 7 Days - Crimson Lightning
  • 7 Days - Narayana Squire
  • 7 Days - Tamed Twinhead Viper
  • 7 Days - Flamefeather Glider
  • 7 Days - Feathered Dragon Glider
  • 7 Days - Glider Companion: Sloth
  • 7 Days - Royal Griffin
  • 7 Days - Scroll: Timber Coupe
  • 7 Days - Dragon Cultist Duster
  • 7 Days - Battle Fae
  • 7 Days - Prim Service Uniform
  • 7 Days - Cheerberry Yata Costume
  • 7 Days - Armored Wavewyrm Costume
  • 7 Days - Haranyan Navy Uniform
  • 7 Days - Verdant Whisper Wings
  • Tax Certificates
  • Bound Workers Compensation
  • Warriors Medal
  • Combat Scrolls
  • Accessory Regrade Scroll
  • Armor Regrade Scroll
  • Weapon Regrade Scroll
  • Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy
  • Vaughns Refreshing Beer
  • Axis Mundi Aegis
  • Seawhip Speedboat Design
  • Serendipity Stone
  • Cryptic Lucky Scroll
  • Red Regrade Charm
  • Ancient Anchoring Charm**

**Ancient Anchoring Charm
Prevents equipment destruction when failing a regrade.
Works on any grade equipment Celestial or higher.