[Info] ArcheRage 3.5 Public Test Server


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EN-CH Moderator

Dear players!
  • Today in the evening (28th February, 2019) we will open out public test server with version 3.5.
  • In order to connect on our PTS, you will have to download a seperate launcher and then the client here (https://ru.archerage.to/ArcheRage355Test.zip).
  • The PTS will stay online for 7days.
  • Our live servers database will be used, which means all your progress on your character on the live server will be the same on the PTS.
  • The PTS is located in europe.
Due to some updates to our gameguard, some antivirus programs may flag the client as malicious. In order to avoid this issue please whitelist the launcher and the game folder in your antivirus programs.

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