[Info] 3.5 Launch March 13/14, 2019


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Dear players!

Finally! the time has come. We have waited, we have hoped... we have spammed the forums... the discord... the chat... everywhere! but today is the day of the days!

The server will go down tonight for the launch of

Erenor Eternal ArcheRage Version 3.5!

The server will go down tonight March 13, 2019 at 22:00CET (00:00 MSK)
The estimated down time will be: 20 hours

There may be delays in bringing the server back up or the server might come up earlier than predicted, noone can predict the future.

We apologize for the long down time and wish you a good time with our new update!

Further informations about our version of 3.5 you can find on the following links:

Erenor Eternal Patch

Erenor Eternal Custom Changes
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