[Guide] How to donate without cryptocurrency!


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Currently, besides the solution of donating with cryptocurrency, there is 1 more way how to get credits on our server.

This way includes a website that was created specifically for our server from a group of our playerbase.
To read more about it head over to this topic [CLICK]

Important Websites:

1. https://ru.archerage.to/
2. https://pixelgamecard.com/
3. https://www.archex.su/

Step 1:

Your first step will be to head over to Pixelgamecard.com.


Create an account.


Once you have done your account, go to the ''Purchase'' section and choose one of the payment ways.

5$ is the smallest card that works for our server. Do NOT purchase 1$.



Once you have made your purchase go onto your ''Account'' section.


You will then see your either ''Pending'' purchase or a ''Delivered'' purchase.


If your purchase is ''Pending'' you will have to wait a little bit more, if your purchase is ''Delivered'' you will see a Pixel Game Card Code once you press on your purchase.


Now, having this code, we will head over to step Number 2!
Step 2:

Now you will head over to Archex.su to transfer your Pixel Game Card into an Shadowcard.

Yor first step will be turning the website into your prefered language.



The next step will be creating an account:


Be advised, the captcha code has to be entered in numbers, not the word.

Like so:


Once you have created your account you will be able to ''create a exchange''.


Here you will finally enter your Pixel Game Card code, enter the Captcha in numbers, confirm and create the exchange.


Now you will have to wait anything between 5 to 30 minutes, and occasionally check ''Profile''.

On ''My exchanges'' you will now see a uncompleted exchange, once it is completed you will see the status say ''Done'' and the Result be ''Successfully''. Unless you have entered a wrong number or code then the result will be ''Mistake'' and you will have to try again.


Once the exchange is complete you will see a really weird code when you click on it.

Copy this link which will be your shadowcard and then head over to step 3.


Step 3:

Head over to https://ru.archerage.to/ and log into your account, how this works should be clear since you have created your account here.

Log into the website with your ingame Log in details, not your forum details.


Once you are logged in, you will be on your ''Account Panel''.


Choose ''Donate'' and a new site will open.


You will see a black spot on this website and it will tell you to enter the hash found on your shadowcard.
Simple copy and paste the code you got from archex.su into the blank space.

Enter your Ingame Log In username and password and press ''GO''.

If you have done everything right you will get a small pop up saying ''Success'' and your credits will be charged onto your account.

That is all, if there are any more questions please do not hesistate to write to me.