[Game Tournament] Rage of Tanks!


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Armor as strong as steel... and highspeed too!

Event Details:

  • The event will be held in form of an Deathmatch.
  • The battles will take place in 3 rounds.
  • Winner of the first round = 1st place, winner of 2nd round = 2nd place, winner of 3rd round = 3rd place.
  • The battle will be on the Armored Tanks we will provide.
  • The battle consists of an team of 2 people. (1 driver, 1 cannon)
  • The event will be held if there are atleast 5 registered teams.
  • Anyone of our server can take part, nomatter which language you speak.
  • Only teams that have registered can participate.
  • If your team member cannot come and you need to change them, you can do so until 1hour before the start of our Deathmatch via discord to: Umi#3707.

Deathmatch Location:


Ynystere - Noble Hunting Grounds


  • Steel Ammo
  • Siege Ammo

How will the deathmatch be held:

  • The Event Manager will give out the temporary tanks (speed 12 m/s).
  • The Event Manager will arrange crew throughout the battle ground.
  • The players will call their tanks and confirm wether they are ready to fight or not. The Battle will start after our Event Manager gives the signal.
  • The battle will going on until there is only 1 tank left.
  • After this, the second round will start, and then the third.
  • The winners of 1 round cannot participate in the next round.

To take part in this Deathmatch, please apply in the following topic


  • Trying to interrupt the tournament will result in an temporary account ban.
  • It is forbidden to use Shatigon sand to repair your tank and respawn it in midst of the battle. For the next battles, new tanks will be given out.
  • It is forbidden to flood the chat, to behave uncivilized or insult other players.
  • It is forbidden to summon any cars etc. that are not issued by the Event Manager.
  • The battle will only end if all tanks are destroyed from one team, if an player of the team dies by the siege damage, it will not count as victory.
  • To PvP in the battle against another team is not allowed, you may only use the tanks cannons to deal damage to the enemys team.
  • You can use the siege tank in any of the modes it has, using Siege Ammo or regular Steel Ammo.
  • You can watch and spectate the battle, but do not interfere with it and keep your distance from the fighting teams.​
  • If your tank is destroyed, your crew (2people) will leave the battle.
  • At the borders of the tournament ground will be assistants watching so you do not leave the battle ground.
  • It is forbidden to use any gear or titles that will increase siege or tank damage.
  • Personal buffs are allowed, as well as buffs from team members (as example: Health Lift or Jujube Juice).
  • You may use food and potions to regenerate your Health or Mana (As example: Nuis Nova and Krakens Might).
  • It is allowed to leave the driver/gun position of the tank, to perform an action such as healing an team member or going on the cannon position of another tank to replace a dead member.
  • You can use the Riders Escape Skill if your tank got stuck while moving.



1st Place - 5000 Credits + Costume to choose from:

2nd Place - 4000 Credits + Legendary Assassin Costume
Хладнокровный убийца.jpg

3rd Place - 3000 Credits + Chimera Agent Uniform

Good luck dear players!

Registration open from July 1, 2020 until July 10, 2020.
The Tournament will be held on July 12 at 17:00 CEsT (18:00 MSK).
The teams should arrived at the meeting point atleast half an hour before tournament start.
(The time/date may change at any time, to be up to date please pay attention to this forum posts!)


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator
Rage of tanks will be relaunched!
Registration is open from July 1, 2020 until July 10, 2020.


Команда форума
I remind participants that the Tournament will be held today at 17:00 CEsT.