[Game Event] White Arden Ghost Wedding


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White Arden Ghost Festival
February 12, 2020 - February 25, 2020


They have been dreaming of a very beautiful and royal wedding. Arches full of flowers... tables full of delicious dishes, hundreds of guests raising cups and wishing them health and happiness...
but this dream was not meant to come true.

Both husband and bride were brutally killed in Karkasse Ridgelands, a cruel, lifeless and very harsh land. He was the first one to unfortunately pass away... but he was missing his beloved almost-wife so much, that he had waited for her on the Nui's altar until she finally came to him.

Their dream wedding... it was not forgotten, it was not lost... they kept loving eachother even as ghost and so they had a beautiful yet haunting ghost wedding.

Where will the festival be held?

White Arden


World Gates will be available in Marianople, Austera and in the Diamond Shores.
White Arden will be turned to a peace zone for the duration of the festival.


There are several quests that you can take part in.

1. A good cause
Use an Empty Envelope to craft a Donation Envelope, then drop it in the Donation Box.

2. Wedding Blessings
Bless the Ghost Groom and Bride at the Wraithwisp Altar placed before them.

3. Hauntingly Beautiful
Gather Hereafter Roses in Ardenia, White Arden.

and many more... by completing the quests you will also receive timed gifts.


Of course there will be a festival workbench waiting for you to be used!
You will be able to exchange your
coins for several decorations, instruments and useful items and supplies.

You can obtain:

  • Jumbo Bowtie Elk Plushie
  • Jumbo Coalmane Snowlion Plushie
  • Bashing Bouqet
  • Wraithsong Piano
  • Hereafter Cake Table
  • Seajoy Banquet Voucher
  • Budding Field's Whim
  • Sacred Echo
  • Decorative Sacred Echo

Pirate & Morpheus Troves


You will also be able to receive a buff by praying for the ghost couple.


The Wedding Crasher

There will be a evil bard spawning 3 times a day which you will have to defeat in order to have him not interrupt the wedding nomore.

This quest can be done multiple times a day.


I wish everyone a nice ghost festival, may we all meet on this hauntingly beautiful place and celebrate the late couples wedding.