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Dear players! its time for our players to shine and entertain us and everyone else once again!
We will be hosting the servers first Stand Up Show!


  • The event will be held in form of a Stand-up show, consisting of 2 stages.
  • Our Event Manager will be the host.
  • There will be 3 Jury members of our administration and assistants selected by our Event Manager.
  • The event will be held if there are atleast 5 people participating.
  • The event will be held infront of atleast 5 other contestants.
  • Anyone can take part, doesnt matter which language you speak aslong you understand the rules!
  • The contest will take place in the Musical Theater in Caernord (Ynystere)


  • Your image!
  • A script of your speech!
  • Humor
  • Prepare to have to improvise!

How will the Event be held?

  • Stage 1
The Event Host will announce the name of the first Stand- Up Show Contestant and then their performance will start. The performance length is the contestants own choice but no longer than 10 minutes.​
Judges have the right to stop the performance at any time and once the performance is complete the next participant will be announced.​

  • Stage 2
Stage 2 will be the final of our Stand-Up Show, the Event Host and the Jury members will leave shortly for a meeting and then announce the contest winner!​

To take part in this contest, please apply in the following topic


  • 1. It is forbidden to flood the chat so the questions and answers cannot be read, behave in a mature manner, do not insult the jury, event host, participants or spectators.
  • 2. During the first stage, only the speaking participant and the Event Manager may be on stage.
  • 3. If you are planning on interrupting this event in any way, your account will be temporarily banned.
  • 4. Participants are allowed to interact and work with the audience for their Stand-Up Performance or have a partner in the audience (aslong its all part of an Stand-Up Show!).
  • 5. Spectators may speak to the participant during his speech (but only in an moderate manner) and the speaker has the right to respond to the spectators.

The hall will be put into peace period for the duration of the event.



1st Place
- 5000 Credits, A unique Title + Rajani Mount
You will get an unique title to which you yourself can choose the stats of an already existing title. You will also be creating the titles name yourself (of course, the admins have the right to reject specific names and ask you to think of something else).

2nd Place - 4000 Credits, Moon Owl

3rd Place - 3000 Credits, Blue Wolves Uniform

Good luck dear players!

The Event will begin on November 3, 2019 at 16:00 CET.

(The time/date may change at any time, to be up to date please pay attention to this forum posts!)
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