[Game Event] Snowball Arena


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EN-CH Moderator

Dear players!
Its the winter time almost everywhere in the world - some places already have been blessed with snow, other places dont have snow!

But... what is the most fun thing to do in snow? right! making snowball fights with your friends!

The Snowball arena will be launched on our servers from 17.12.2020 until 15.01.2021!

The snowball arena is a 3 versus 3 arena. Your team has a 5 minutes time limit to reach 10 ''enemy kills''.
Instead of using your regular skills like in other arenas - you will be using snowballs and a variety of different buffs.
If your nor the enemy team reaches 10 kills, the team with the most kills will win after the time ran out.


The Snowball arena can be entered 3 times a day but only on characters level 52 and higher!

Players will unlocks special skills during the arena match, and always pay attention to your surroundings... not only your enemy is after you in this arena!

Of course - to spice up everything, you will be able to receive special items and buffs to use against your enemy in the arena!


  • Win - 3x Kyrios Badge, 3x Mysterious Hiram Infusion, 5x Snowball Token.​
  • Lose - 1x Kyrios Badge, 1x Mysterious Hiram Infusion, 2x Snowball Token.​
  • Draw - 1x Kyrios Badge, 1x Mysterious Hiram Unfusion, 2x Snowball Token.​

Snowball token can be exchanged for:
  • Labor Reward: 500
  • Bound Serendipity Stone
  • Book: The Snow Thief Part 1
  • Book: The Snow Thief Part 2
  • Snowman Table
  • Frozen Snowflower Pipe (instrument)
  • Decorative Snowflower Pipe (housing decor)
  • Cupcake Whimsy Hat
  • Beribboned Cupcake Whimsy Hat
  • Snowman Cupcake Hat
  • Decorative Cupcake (housing decor)
  • Decorative Santa Cupcake (housing decor)
  • Decorative Beribboned Cupcake (housing decor)


Have fun!