[Game Event] Rum Runner Rapid Festival


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Dear players!

With our maintenance of the 18th of September the Rum runners Festival is finally back on our servers!
It will stay active until October 1st, 2019.

It's summer! a very hot summer to be exact, which better time would it be to finally host our most favorite ingame event?! Exactly! Theres no better time than now, so here it is! The Rum Runner Rapids Festival is finally back!


  • Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah have been forced into peace for the duration of the event.​
  • Up to 3 River Festival Coins can be earned per day by completing event quests.​
  • Rewards can be purchased with River Festival Coins​


You will find the event south of Lokas Steps in Rookborne Basin.


1. Accept the quests from Yoon and Nogan.

Nogans Quest:

Collect 5 Checkpoint flags in the river beside you in a limited amount of time.

Yoons Quest:

Deliver a item that is timed (24hour) to another NPC - Brewmaster Vaughn.

For Nogans quest you can craft 2 possible versions of barrels to catch the checkpoints:

Wrapped Strawberry Barrel (TEMPORARY)

1 Lumber - 2 Paper


Scroll: Watermelon Barrel (PERMANENT)

10 Fine Lumber - 10 Fine Leather - 2 Paper


Once you have your barrel, get into the water, spawn it and have fun sliding down the small river... and while youre having so much fun, do not forget to catch all the checkpoints to finish your quest!

Barrel Skills:

  • Leftside Bounce
  • Rightside Bounce
  • Barrel Jump
  • Dive
  • Owners Mark
  • Touch Checkpoint Flag [Novice] (use this skill for the Novice quest)
  • Touch Checkpoint Flag [Advance] (use this skill for the Advance quest)

Exchangeable goodies include some cute swimwear for him and her:




More details on the timed gliding event will be updated very soon! Stay tuned~

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The optional quest is spawning at 11:00 CET (13:00MSK), 17:00 CET ( 19:00 MSK ) and 22:00 CET (00:00 MSK) every day.

How to?

At 11:00/17:00/22:00 Festival Keeper Surin will spawn in rookborne, just at the opposite side of all other npcs.
From her you will obtain an optional quest.


Beside Surin you will find another teleport stone, click on it to be teleported high on a cliff.


Once you teleported you will talk to Festival Keeper - Farmer Andor. He will once again give you the next quest objective, which is for you to deliver watermelons to the Fruit Merchant - Toris.


But this time you will not use your car nor your feet, no, you will go to the starting platform.


Click on the small Green stone to get ready for take off and fly to the location.


$ (1).png
On your way of flying, you will see some baloons and some Pesterhawks, avoid bumping into them.

Bumping into anything in your way = your glider will despawn.

Do use your ''bubble defense'' special glider skill on them, once you have hit 50 pesterhawks with the bubble defense skill you will unlock a hidden achievement.


$ (3).png
Now all thats left to do is land on the landing platform, preferably rather close or your quest will not finish.

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