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Nui's Chosen

19.08.2020 - 08.09.2020

It was a regular sunny day. You woke up and started your daily tasks.
Though it was the same daily routine as always a bad feeling kept following you.

"Something terrible will happen soon" - you had these annoying thoughts going on in your mind.
Dust rose on the horizon. The rider was in a hurry. He had bad news. A new boss arrived to our world.
"We need to protect our lands" - you shout.

You are full of determination and eager to protect what is dear to you:
"I know many brave warriors that are ready to take the challenge and rush into the battle. I'll have the raid ready! Our enemy will fall on the battlefield!"

To prepare for the main part of the event, you need to complete 2 quests:

  • Lusca Awakening
  • Golden Plains Battle
  • Kill Demons!

Complete these quests and receive
Nui’s Charm’s Shards

(each quest grants you 1 piece; you need 2 pieces).


For players that cannot participate in the Golden Plains Battle quest a new quest ''Kill demons!'' was added to the game.

The quest ''Kill demons!'' can be received from the Hasla Auctioneer near the river.
Accept and complete it to receive Nui’s Charm’s Shard.

To complete the quest you will need to kill atleast 1 Zombie Army Commander of the Hasla Rift that will spawn at 20:00 (8PM) ingame time.

Once you obtained both charms, combine them into the Nui's Charm.

Nui’s Charm Shards and Nui’s Charm itself will expire after 7 days, so don't forget to use it before it expires.
Once you have used the Nui's Charm you will obtain a new buff – Nui’s Chosen.

The buff expires after 2h 35 mins, so the best way to use it will be using it just before you start the Boss battle with the Batta Spirit.


After you activate the buff ''Nui’s Chosen'' you will need to visit a Daru Auctioneer.


The auctioneer will provide you with a quest called ''
Ghost Revenge'' and ask you to kill the boss – Battas Spirit.


Batta appears in Sungold Fields every day at 14:00 and 20:00. If he is not killed, then after 2.5 hours he will simply leave.


Make sure to group up with a party or a raid. Killing the boss in a party or raid will reward you with the following items:

  • Superior Earthglow Lunarite x15
  • Superior Fireglow Lunarite x15
  • Champion of Auroria Token Shard

You need to collect 5 Champion of Auroria Token Shards to obtain Champion of Auroria Token that grants the title: Champion of Auroria


The title: ''Champion of Auroria'' will grant following buff:

Max Health +400
Max Mana +250
Increases melee damage by + 1%,
Increases your ranged damage by + 1%,
Increases the damage of magic by + 1%,
Increases the healing bonus by + 1%.

Enjoy the event and see you on the battlefield!

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