[Game Event] Hiram Farmer and the Beanstalk


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EN-CH Moderator
Dear players!
A new game event was launched - Hiram Farmer and the Beanstalk!

It will last from 05.05.2021 until 11.05.2021!

To take part in the new game event ''Hiram Farmer and the Beanstalk'' you will have to go to Mirage Isle and find the Mysterious Old Man, he will give you daily quests to complete.

To accept his tasks you will have to pick up the Mirage Isle Market Invitation which you can claim on the bottom left corner of your screen (on the same spot where you also receive your loyalty tokens). The Mirage Isle Market Invitation can only be claimed once a day.

When completing all of his daily tasks you will receive 3 Magic Beans.
These beans you will have to grow and cut on your owned land, such as farms or houses.

You will be able to receive various kind of rewards for fully growing your Magic beans and cutting them down.

The most lucky ones among you may even receive a Beanstalk House Design or Manastorm crystals!

Beanstalk House.png

Full list of rewards that can be obtained:

Manastorm Crystal
Wrapped Beanstalk House
Book of Auroria
Wild Ginseng
Tax Certificate
Honorable Victory Rank 5
Vocation Hastener Scroll
Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy
Combat Manual
Combat Scrolls: Attack
Superior Glow Lunarite
Lucky Quicksilver Tonic
Superior Worker's Compensation: 500 LP
Clear Synthium Shard
Sunlight Archeum Essence
Moonlight Archeum Essence
Starlight Archeum Essence
Lucky Sunpoint
Lucky Moonpoint
Lucky Starpoint
Draught of Forgiveness
Secret Gift
Bound Fishing Pond
Merit Badge
Bound Serendipity Stone Shard
Labor Reward: 500
Blue Salt Manual
Adventurer's Winged Elixir
Honor Boost Tonic
Loyalty Token 10-Pack
Crystal Honorable Potion
Diligent Worker's Scroll
Solar Temper Pack
Lesser Tempering Crystal Pack
Lunar Temper Pack
Combat Boost Scroll
Superior Combat Boost Scroll
Combat Scroll: Focus
Combat Scroll: Resilience
Combat Scroll: Toughness
Healing Grimoire
Combat Boost: Ward Grimoire
Greedy Grimoire