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Things are happening.... a miracle happened to our vast world of ArcheRage. Dragons... arrived in the beautiful and quiet land of Ahnimar!
For a long long time, it was believed that all dragons had vanished when the mainlands got destroyed... but... it turned out to be false. Dragons have always been... and will always exist. They are majestic, strong and very beautiful creatures that can not be destroyed by a pathetic war between mortals.
Moreover... dragons got their own kingdom and gods to follow.

Long ago, one day... a group of dragons escaped and arrived on a small outpost in Ahnimar, as soon scientists and craftsman heard of this news they went to meet the dragons to study them.
Every single person who went to meet the dragons came to the conclusion that these wonderful creatures were indeed peaceful and would do absolutely no harm for our country.
Therefor, they have opened the Lotus Song Garden for everyone to go and meet the dragons!

How do you get to Ahnimar to meet the dragons?

We have opened a Festival Teleport to Ahnimar in the Big Cities of Austera, Marianople and on the Diamond Shore.



The scientists, biologists and managers all came to meet the dragons,, there are alot of tasks they will offer you to enjoy this festival with them, you will be able to meet the dragons, get to know them and earn their respect.

You have to help the young dragons to prepare for upcoming contests (Yes! dragons love contests and they love to compete!)


You have to beat the hostile rats and make them vanish before they can do no good to the dragon eggs! The more rats you kill... the higher the reward!


Take part in the big battle against the Imperial War Dragon... its whole purpose is evil, it seeks to destroy the harmony and peace of all mortal races and also all dragons. Please defeat it and secure the peace.


Many other exciting tasks will be available to you every day! We hope you will love and enjoy this festival and celebrate well with the dragons!


The Dragon God


In the center of the Lotus Song Garden you will find a statue build by the dragons to honor their one and only God.
He is loved not only by the dragons... but he also will give great blessings to anyone who pays respect to him. He is truely a God.

The Dragon God, in exchange for one of the items he likes... will be giving you a blessing which you can obtain once every 6 hours.

The list of blessings you can obtain are:
  • Dragon Gods Kiss - Increases the Maximum Mana by 2500​
  • Dragon Gods Power - Increases the Maximum Health by 2500​
  • Dragon Gods Speed - Decreases cast time by 3,5%​
  • Dragon Gods Speed - Increases movement speed by 3,5%​
  • Dragon Gods Flexibility - Increases the attack speed by 3,5%​
  • Dragon Gods Luck - Increases Item Drop rate by 10%​

You cannot choose which blessing you will receive, the God will decide himself.

Dragon Rewards:

The dragons did not come empty handed, you will be able to get alot of beautiful decorations upon completing the tasks given by all the dragons.


Dragon Figurines


Dragon Eggs


Ice Dragons Decorative Flute


Eye of the Dragon


Fire Dragon Scale Decoration


The costume of the Guardian of Dragons, the cloak and sword of the flame of an ice dragon


The Festival will be held in Ahnimar, it will be set to Festival Zone for the duration of the Dragon Event. It will last from August 21, 2019 until September 18, 2019.

The festival has alot more daily tasks than any other festival the game has ever seen, there for the coins needed for the workshop items are a little bit higher than usual too.
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