[Game Event] Autumn Lore Festival


Команда форума
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It's almost time to say Good Bye to the autumn and what would be the better Good Bye than to celebrate the Autumn Lore!

Join us on this Festival in Bitterwind Plains (Lilyut Hills).
* During this period of time the area will be under Festival Law, which means you will be unable to attack players of opposing factions.


You'll have to take part in a magical event and see miracles on your own, moreover, to help the miracle happen!
Create your dream, help a childless couple in their distress, listen to new stories and much more!


Festival Manager Emily will help you to start your acquaintance with the new world, you will find her in Bitterwind Plains.


You'll have to complete a few tasks of Festival Managers.
Some of them are running the event during the day (from 8:00 am till 8:00 pm game time), but some are coming at night (from 8:00 pm till 8:00 am game time).

Complete quests and be rewarded with Harvest Festival Coins

You'll be able to exchange them in our Festival Exchanger or in Mirage Isle Exchanger to pets, decor, chests and other interesting things.
Also, if you buy manuscripts from NPS Lila you can create books with stories from the players on the Workbench "Autumn Lore Books"


The full list of items you can find bellow:

Loka's Living Legend
Miracle of the Sand Castle
First Snow
Ezna's Funeral Hymn
Painted Forest's Song
Pagemaster's Storage Chest
Decorative Nightmist Instrument
Autumn Lore Bookshelf
2-Tier Autumn Lore Bookshelf
3-Tier Autumn Lore Bookshelf
Autumn Lore Memory Shelf
2-Tier Autumn Lore Bookshelf
3-Tier Autumn Lore Bookshelf
Airseer Storybook
Mountcaller Storybook
Firespeaker Storybook
140-Slot Pirate Plushie Trove
130-Slot Pirate Plushie Trove
Autumn Lore Book
Reading Light
Rangora's Trove
10-Slot Rangora's Trove
Story-kindling Fire
Autumn Lore Instrument
Hermit's Footprints


Note! During this festival you'll be able to craft "Hermit's Footprints" (Boots piece from Hermit's Costume).


The most active will have a chance to receive a title - Storyteller.

Title Increases Printing Proficiency +10000, Handicrafts Proficiency +10000, Artistry Proficiency +10000.
For it complete quest "A Time of Tales" and earn 50 Harvest Festival Coins during the festival.
Important! There are also hidden Achievements present, that you may be interested in.

To obtain them you'll have the following tasks:​

- Complete the quest "Beginning of the Festival" 5 times.

- Complete the quest "The Story Jar" 30 times.

- Complete the quest "Authorial Courtesy" 5 times.

Lilyut Hills and our Autumn Lore Festival will be waiting for you