[Game Event] ArcheRage Marathon


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator

Dear players!

The first ArcheRage Marathon is launching in honor of the Update to Version 5.1!

The most active players who absolve our marathon will have a chance to complete 3 new achievements and receive Marathon Titles.

The marathon will last for 14 days! Each day you can receive and complete 7 different quests.

The new achievements can be found in the General -> Special Events Tab of Achievements.

Completing the daily tasks from the marathon which you can obtain in Mirage Isle will reward you with Silver & Gold Medals.

Those medals you can use to exchange them for unique items on the new Marathon Workbench that will appear in Mirage Isle.


List of rewards:
  • Gilda Star
  • Bound Tax Certificate
  • Golden Medal
  • Merit Badge
  • Loyalty Token
  • Pirate’s Token
  • Eternal Life Costume
  • Red Sun Costume
  • Pyromancer’s Costume
  • Feyleaf Costume
  • Bright Futures Costume
  • Blackbeard Betrayer
  • Brimstone Weapon Skin
  • Elven Forest Hut (16x16)
  • Elven Forest Hut (24x24)
  • Yellowlight Elven Forest Table
  • Orangelight Elven Forest Table
  • Model Rampage S200
  • Model Rampage B200
  • Model Rampage C200
  • Model Dark Wind
  • Grim Reaver
  • Superior Glow Lunarite
  • Starlight Archeum Essence
  • Book of Auroria
  • Serendipity Stone
  • Striped Platinum Supply Crate