[Forum Event] The musical world of ArcheRage


Команда форума
The musical world of ArcheRage.png

Your task: you need to create ArcheRage music video.

Contest details:

• One participant can submit only 1 entry.
• The length of a video is 2-5 minutes.
• You can use songs or music in your video.
• You can tell a story in a video or it can be your interpretation of the music video (pvp videos are not suitable for this event).
• Vulgar language, insulting or mocking other players/guilds and profanity is not allowed.
• Your contest entry must include your game nickname and our server logo.

How will your contest entry be evaluated:

• Originality.
• Your creativity and resourcefulness.
• Compliance with the theme of the contest.
• Compliance with the contests rules.
*The winners won't only be chosen by these criteria, but you should pay attention to them to increase your chance of winning.

Your work will be evaluated by: Server Administration, Forum Team.

Submit your contest entry here.

Present the work using these guidelines:
1. Your character's name.
2. Your work in spoiler. [ spoiler] XXXX [ /spoiler] (without "space")
3. Comment on the work (optional)



1st place - 5000 Credits + Wings of your choice
Wings of Revenge
Wings of Immortality
Wings of Protection
Wings of Terror
2nd place - 4000 Credits + Lotusmist Costume
Наряд танцовщиков порта Лютни.png
3rd place - 3000 Credits + Orchidna's Music Box
Статуя «Орхидна на троне».png
*additional prizes of 1000 credits might be given out.

Good luck!

The contest will run from September 1, 2021 until September 15, 2021.
The winners will be announced 3 days after contest completion.


Команда форума
Only 3 days left. Don't forget to participate!