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Scales cold as ice that blazes bright as an ever flickering flame. In his chest it holds often times a hearth of burning fire although in his remorseless heart lay rime. Eyes that turn skin into a sickly pallor, claws able to lacerate even the sturdiest to mere ribbons of flesh and bone, blood so black that night held an intense radiance that could blind your eyes. We are talking about... Dragons.
Majestic yet very powerful creatures... have you encountered them in our world of ArcheRage? have you fought them? or... maybe your dream is to catch one of them? perhaps... you just want to look at their beautiful and majestic appearance and live in peace with them... side by side?

Your task: Tell us a story about your first encounter with an majestic dragon... it may be about you fighting them, taming them or just... meeting them!​

Contest details and rules:

  • One participant - one story.
  • The story should atleast have 15 sentences.
  • The story must be written in an ''First-Person'' kinda view.
  • The narration must be part of the game.
  • Your story can develope in any way you wish, but the main focus should be dragons.
  • The story does not have to be real, you can use your imagination.

How will your work be evaluated?

  • Story Content
  • Story Literacy
  • Compliance with the required sentences.
  • Compliance with our rules.

Your work will be evaluated by: Server Administration, Forum Team.

Submit your entry here [CLICK]



1st place
- 4000 Credits + Typhoon Drake
Упакованный Ураганный Дрейк.png
2nd place - 3000 Credits + you can choose one of the following costumes:
Костюм драконьего всадника.png
Костюм заклинателя драконов.png
Костюм победителя драконов.png
3rd place - 2000 Credits + Gilt Red Dragon Statue
Скульптура золотого дракона.png

*If there are 15 or more participants, we will add 2 additonal 1000 credit prizes.

Good luck dear players! Let us hear your epic dragon story!

The event will last from March 31, 2020 until April 14, 2020.
The winners will be announced within 3 days after April 14, 2020.