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At Christmas, lights burn brighter,and friendly hugs get even tighter.
The spirit of Christmas fills the air, and people seem to really care.

Merry hearts are filled with cheer. Families and friends all draw near. The streets around are all filled, despite the cold winter chill.
Everywhere there's smiling faces, giving and receiving warm embraces. And for a time, sadness disappear.

Peace, joy and hope replaces fear.

Your task: Create a christmas or a new years greeting card!
The design and display of it is all up to your imagination.

Contest details and rules:

The contest will be held in 2 categories:

  • 1. Traditional Art (pen & paper)​
  • 2. Digital Art (digital art or screenshots)​
  • 1 participant - one entry.
  • You can only participate in 1 of the categories.​
  • Its forbidden to mock other guilds or insult other players with your greeting card.​
  • The picture or screenshot should be in the theme of new years or christmas holidays.​

Use of picture editing software:

  • For digital art it is - allowed​
  • For traditional art - forbidden.​

If you use a screenshot of the game for your greeting card, the screenshot must be taken by you and not copied from the internet.​
Your ingame name and our server logo must be visible on your greeting card.​
logo1 (1).png
How will the contest entries be evalulated?

  • Orginality and creativity of creating an greeting card​
  • How close you are to the theme of our contest (holidays, christmas, new years)​
  • How well you listened to the contest details and the rules.​

Your contest entries will be rated by: Server Administration, Forum Team.​

Submit your greeting card [HERE]



1st place
- 4000 Credits + Faelight Wings
Упакованный Магикоптер «Крылья сказочного народца».jpg
2nd place - 3000 Credits + Icekissed Winter Festival Costume
Универсальный белый наряд «Зимняя сказка».jpg
3rd place - 2000 Credits + Fae Yata Costume
Костюм ятты-феечки.PNG

If there are more than 15 participants there will be 2 more additional prizes of 1000 credits for the 4-5 place.

This contest will last from December 28, 2019 until January 11, 2020.
The winners will be announced within 3 days after the contests end.

Good luck!
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