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Dear players, it is time to advertise our amazing server and earn... even more amazing rewards!
Advertising helps new players find our server and start their journey with all of us together! Exploring the world of ArcheRage, building their own home empire... striving to be the best in sea battles or on the arenas!

Advertising helps our server become more lively than it already is - and this is always a good thing!

So... what is the objective of this contest?

  • Write about our server on any popular game or internet website, except on websites that auto-banns or does not allow advertising posts!
  • Post a self designed banner of our Server with information about it (such as, increased labor regeneration rates, which versions we have etc)
  • You can also advertise the server with self-made clips or videos that you recorded!

As a proof, you must submit screenshots of the posts you have made on the internet or provide a link to the advertisement videos you have created.

In your message, video or banner you should also mention that every new player will receive a welcome gift! [CLICK]

How to submit your screenshots:

  • Your nickname
  • Your Screenshots / links

If you have already submitted a post but want to add additional entries, do so with editing your own post or using the ''reply'' function to your own post.

Winning Criteria:

  • The total number of websites you have posted on. (YouTube is considered as 1 website, regardless of on how many channels you posted)
  • The total number of all messages on all websites
  • The way you have advertised our server (Text, Banner or video)
  • The literacy of your posts / videos (Grammar etc)
  • The mention of our starter gift for new players, server rates etc.

The contest will start on July 5, 2020 and last until July 19, 2020
Submit your entry here [CLICK]



1st place - 10.000 Credits

2nd place - 7.000 Credits

3rd place - 5.000 Credits

*if there are more than 15 entries, there will be an additional 2 prizes given out.

4th place - 3.000 Credits
5th place - 2.000 Credits

Let's go and find new friends to adventure the world of ArcheRage together with and good luck dear players!