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Dear players!
It is time for a new contest... in our wonderful world of ArcheRage, same as in the real world, we are always facing different challenges.

We all know and can relate how difficult or complicated life can get if you are alone without someone by your side!

But what is it that helps us keep moving forward and not giving up?
Of course, its our family... our friends, our loved ones and people we meet on our journey called life.
In this event, we want you to show us a beautiful screenshot that you took with your closest friends of our ArcheRage Server!

It can be a family photo you took with your family, a photo with your best friends or a photo of you and your loved one!

Your goal? to show us the most precious persons you have met and spent your time with - through all the bad and good times!

Contest Objective:

Its simple, take a screenshot, which shows you and your friends.

Event Rules:

  • 1. One person - one entry.
  • 2. The screenshot should be of your own character and your friends, what pose or what situation is happening on your screenshot is your own decision! Show us the ''soul'' of your friendship.
  • 3. It is allowed to edit the pictures to write the Character names and a few words. (as example: Friends are the family that we can choose ourselves!).
  • 4. The screenshot must include our Servers Logo.


How will the contest be evaluated and by who?
  • 1. We will look at the image quality and how well you listened to the contest objective.
  • 2. We will look at the location, angle and poses of you and your friends characters.
  • 3. Of course, your creativity. We are curious to find out what you come up with!
Your contest entries will be evaluated by: Server Administration, Forum Moderators.

Supply your work on this [CLICK] topic.



1st place - 3000 Credits + Spring Blossom Garb
313 — копия.jpg
2nd place - 2000 Credits + Cooling Pond
3rd place - 1000 Credits + Welsh Corgi

If there are more than 15 participants, 2 more prizes of 500 Credits will be given to the 4-5 place.

Screenshot tips and tricks:
  • 1. Use CTRL + F12 to go into the ''Screenshot Mode'' and see more details of special effects.
  • 2. Try to write a meaningful or interesting text on the screenshot, the more interesting and meaningful it is, the more chances you will have to win!
  • 3. If you are alone... do not be upset, maybe you can team up with someone else you meet on the faction chats or take a picture of your character with your car/freighter/mounts/pets or garden! Afterall, we also spend alot of time with those things...so to an extend, they can also be called true friends!
The contest will be open from June 19, 2019 until July 3, 2019 inclusive.

The results of the contest will be posted on this topic shortly after the contest was closed.

Good luck!
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