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Dear players,
Its time for the next round of advertising. Maybe it seems to advertise something is really unnecessary and annoying but it is far from being that! Advertising helps to make people check out the product, in our case - to introduce your future friends to our server. This is a win-win situation!

Don't forget, we also have great beginner gifts that will make the start on our server so much easier (and cookies...?)​

So... what is the objective of this contest?

  • Write about our server on any popular game or internet website, except on websites that auto bann or dont allow posts like this.
  • Post a self designed banner of our Server with a few facts about it.
  • You can also advertise our server in the format of a video or clips.

As a proof, you must submit screenshots of the posts you have posted or the links to the videos.
In your message (video and banner) you have to mention the gift for new players we offer.

How to submit your entry:

1. Your Nickname
2. Screenshots (of your posts or banners posted / links (of your videos)

If you have already submitted a post but you want to add more screenshots please do it through the ''reply'' to your own post function.

Submit your entry [HERE]

Winning criteria:

1. The number of total sites you have posted on. (YouTube is considered 1 website, regardless on how many channels you have posted)
2. The total number of all your messages on websites
3. The way you have advertised our server (Text, Banner or Video)
4. The literacy of your posts / video
5. The mention of our starter gift for new players

The competition will run from August 20, 2019 until September 1, 2019.



1st Place - 15000 Credits,
2nd Place - 10000 Credit,
3rd Place - 5000 Credits.

If there are more than 12 participants:

4th Place - 3000 Credits,
5th Place - 2000 Credits.​

Let's go and find new friends to adventure the world of ArcheRage together with and good luck dear players!


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator
The contest was resumed from August 20, 2019 until September 1, 2019.