[Forum Contest] Embrace your memories!


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It's been a journey that has been lasting for the last 3 years... and many more to come!
Yes, today is ArcheRage's 3rd Anniversary and we thank all of our players for staying and spending the time with us!
Have you made great memories in the game? reached great achievements?
We are sure that everyone has made memories that they will remember for their lifetime.

Be it your first regrade to divine or higher, your first self crafted warship or freighter, reaching rank 1 in the arenas or striving to be your nations hero, finding a great family or guild, all of these memories are special and they will always have a place in your heart.

We want to know about your memories, share them with us.

What did you achieve or experience that made you happy? Let us know!

Contest Objective: Share your memories, emotions, achievements and funny incidents that have happened to you while playing on ArcheRage!​
Contest Rules:

The contest is held in 2 categories.
  • 1. ''Memories in Pictures'' - Create a drawing or a collage of screenshots to share your memories with us.
  • 2. ''Memories in Videos'' - Create a full video about your memories or a video showcasing clips of your memories.
  • One participant - one entry.
  • You can only participate in 1 of the 2 categories.
  • Vulgar language, insulting or mocking other players/guilds and profanity is not allowed. (If there is a voice recording in your video that has any of the things listed, mute the video).
  • Our server logo and your nickname must be visible on both the video and the drawing / collages.


How will your work be rated?
  • Orginality and accuracy.
  • Literacy.
  • How good did you stick to the theme of our servers 3rd Anniversary?
  • How good did you stick to the rules?

Your work will be evaluated by: Server Administration, Forum Team.​

Submit your contest entry [HERE]



1st Place
- 4000 Credits + Celestial Kitsu Mount
Огненный лис.png

2nd Place - 3000 Credits + Peeper Pot
Упакованный Кондак.PNG

3rd Place - 2000 Credits + Firework Blossom Garb
Костюм цветущего фейерверка.jpg

*If there are 15 or more participants, 2 additional prizes of 1000 Credits will be added.

Good luck dear players!

The Contest will last from February 26, 2020 until March 14, 2020.
The winners will be announced within 3 days after the contest ended.