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Do you like to craft and create things with your own hands? Maybe you like to stitch or sew, maybe youre an real life crafting master?! Yes? then this competition is for you!

Your Task: create an unique item related to the world of ArcheRage with your own hands. (real life craft)​

Contest Rules:
  • One participant - 1 entry.
  • Any material can be used to create your art. (paper, wood, clay, wool etc.)
  • The subject of craft must be associated with the game.
  • The picture of the completed work must contain a piece of paper with the inscription ''ArcheRage'' and your game nickname.
  • The post must have atleast 3 images. 1-2 pictures of the finished work and 2-3 pictures of the work in progress (at best - steps, to verify credibility).

Winning Criteria:
  • Orginality and accuracy of the work.
  • How well it fits to the theme of the contest (ArcheRage DIY)
  • How well it fits to the rules of the contest.

Your work will be evaluated by: Server Administration, Forum Team.

Post your work here



1st place
- 5000 Credits + Multipurpose Workbench
Многофункциональная мастерская.png
2nd place - 4000 Credits + Dairy Farmer Costume
Костюм Старательного Муу.png
3rd place - 3000 Credits + Eggy-Weggy Costume
Костюм Гутетамы.jpg

*if there are 15 or more participants, 2 additional 1000 credit prizes will be given out.

Good luck dear players! Show us your craftsmanship )

The Contest will last from July 23, 2020 until August 6, 2020.
The results will be published within 3 day after the contests completion.