[Forum Contest] ArcheRage Christmas Tree Decoration


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Decorating Christmas Trees has been a long standing tradition in celebrating the holidays.
We want you to create one unique christmas tree decoration based on our world of ArcheRage!

Contest Rules:
  • One participant - one work
  • You can use any material to create your decoration.
  • The theme of the decoration must have to do with our game.
  • Your picture of your hand-crafted decoration should include a small paper with our Server name ArcheRage and your characters Ingame name.
  • You post should contain atleast 3 images. 1-2 images of the finished decoration and 2-3 images of the work in progress.

How will your contest entry be evaluated?
  • Orginality and accuracy
  • Your creativeness and what materials you have used
  • Compliance with the theme of the contest
  • Compliance with the contests rules
*The winners wont only be chosen by these criteria, but you should pay close attention to them to increase your chance of winning.

Your work will be evaluated by: Server Administration, Forum Team.

Submit your contest entry here: [CLICK]


1st place
- 4000 Credits + Brown, White or Black Reindeer (choose one)
2nd place - 3000 Credits + Fae Yata Costume
3rd place - 2000 Credits + Snuggly Plushie

*it is possible that additional rewards of 1000 are given.

Good Luck dear players!

This contest will last from December 23, 2020 until January 6, 2021.

The winners will be announced 3 days after contest completion.