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It's holiday season... not only that, it's the season of love, of giving.. not taking. It is such a very beautiful time each year, everyone decorates their homes... plays in the snow, anticipates meeting their friends and loved ones.
It is the same here on ArcheRage, we will celebrate this special season of the year, and we hope that everyone will finish this year with great memories made, maybe you have lost some friends and maybe you have gained some friends, it is the cycle of life, but remember...
Always stay positive about yourself and the people surrounding you and everything will turn bright for you.

Preparations for Christmas and new years are in full swing... everyone is somewhere running around and finishing up last errands... but take some time to relax... because we are starting our Secret Santa Flashmob once again!

Conditions to take part in this event:

  • Have a character on our server
  • Be in a great Christmas mood
  • Care about giving, not taking!

How to register for our flashmob:

  • 1. Your ingame nickname
  • 2. Write a letter to Santa Claus. (This is purely to get to know you and your wishes better).


  • 1. You cannot gift any ingame currency ( Gold, Credits, Gilda Star, ArcheRage Coins, Honor points, vocation points etc, but you CAN gift items that you have purchased with those said currency.)
  • 2. If you plan on making a value or expensive gift, remember the main subject of this event is ''Giving, not taking'' so please do not expect to get the same value of gift back, but you also should not gift some useless items aswell.
  • 3. You can start sending your gift on December 25 starting from 12:00 CET (14:00MSK)until December 27, 2019.
  • 4. Registrations for this event will last from the moment this post is made until December 24, 2019.
  • 5. You will receive a letter with your matched partners name for the event starting from 09:00 CET (011:00MSK) to 12:00 CET (14:00MSK) on December 25, 2019.
  • 6. Tell your friends about this event, the more the merrier, also... it is something fun to do and creates great memories!
  • 7. In this topic post a screenshot of the gift you are sending to your matched person and the wishes you have for them, we will be accepting screenshots until December 27, 2019.



The 3 most beautiful and original gifts and letters will receive 2000 Crystals each.
(Players who have written a very beautiful letter to santa in point 2 of how to register for the even may receive additional rewards from our Event Manager personally).

Get in holiday season mood! Enjoy christmas, spend it with your loved ones!
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1. Flamil
2. Dear Santa.
This year i have been a very bad yata and have distressed and upset my best friend a lot. I know i'll get nothing from you but a coal in my sock. But please, give my friend a bag with joy and happiness, so that in moments of sadness and frustration could open it and improve the mood. (and a little brain for me)


1. Temmy
2. Hello Santa, It's me, ya boy... Not gonna ask for much, all I need for Christmas is the company of my friends and family, ofcourse a new mouse would be nice as well :^) P.s I left you cookies and milk


2. Dear Santa .As you know me i always try to be a good Girl but if you look in your big Book you will see i failed these Year sometimes and wasn`t Brave as i should be ..i am sorry for that .
My wish for Christmas is that my Family ,all my Friends and of course every other also (even not the realy nice ones) will have a new good Year. Without beeing much ill without need to suffer and of course with allot Love in her Heart .
I hope you can make my wish come true.
And thank you for all of the great presents that you gave me last year. Most that i found so much new Friends where i enjoy to spend my Time with .
Please say hello to the Reindeer. I love to watch the Christmas movies that have all of them flying around. I am excited to see what is under the tree this year.
With Love your little Rikku