[Flashmob] Be my valentine

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A friend is like a valentine.... heartwarming and bringing pleasure...
Connected to good feelings... with memories to treasure.
Seeing a special valentine brings happiness to stay,

and that is what you do my friend, you brighten everyday!
Valentinesday is coming up very soon in our beautiful world of ArcheRage.
Romance is in the air, chocolate hearts... roses and greeting cards are everywhere.
But, does it really have to be only between lovers or... soon-to-be lovers?
Valentines day is the holiday of romantic love, but its a good time to acknowledge

any important people.

So do not shy away to participate in our small event.
It's the time of giving someone something precious... maybe telling them about your secret feelings...
or just doing something good to someone with a kind intention.
It is the same on our server, of course we will celebrate
Valentinesday with our players too!

That is why, we bring back an small event you all already are familiar with... ''Be my ''Secret'' Valentine''.
It does not have to be all about love on valentinesday... it can be about appreciating someone too.​

Requirements to participate:

1. Have a good mood!
2. Have a existing character on our servers.
3. Be ready to share your positive emotions and vibes with someone.
4. Bury your own greed for this Event.

Its about giving, not taking.

If you are certain that you can fulfill all of above requirements you will just have to register on this topic.

How do you register for this event?
To register you will need to write your nickname, the gender of your character, a few informations about yourself and what you would like your secret valentine to be like.​


  • Crysanium
  • Female
  • I like decorating and pvp!
  • I would wish for my secret valentine to share the same likes as I do!

On the day of valentine, everyone will receive the names of the people they are matched with, we kindly ask you to take a screenshot of the mail you sent to the person you matched with and post it on the topic afterwards.

  • The 3 most beautiful and original presents and wishes made to a person will receive:

    1st place -
    3000 credits + Angelic Whisper: Combat
    2nd place -
    2000 credits
    3rd place -
    1500 credits
If the number of participants exceeds 20 then the 1st and the 2nd Place will receive a costume.

The entries will be evaluated by: Admins, Moderators.

Maybe you have met your secret valentine before... maybe you already know eachother...
let them know what you feel about them.

Event Information:
  • You can start sending your gift on February 14 starting from 08:00 CET (10:00MSK) when you have received your match until February 16, 2019.
  • Registrations for this Valentines event will open on February 2nd, 2019 and will last until February 12, 2019.
  • You will receive a letter with your Secret Valentine for the event starting from 06:00 to 08:00 CET (08:00-10:00 MSK) on February 14.
  • Tell your friends about this event, it does not take much time, but it will make people smile and lasting memories.
  • After you have sent your mail, post a screenshot on this topic.
  • Screenshots will be accepted until February 17, 2019 at 23:59.
  • Winners will be announced on February 18-19, 2019.
  • Credits will be rewarded after 2-4 days.
  • Every player who participates in this event will also receive a small gift from me personally per mail on February 14.
Event rules:
  • With posting your application for this event, you agree with all the rules that come with it.
  • By entering this contest, you agree with the rule of sending a small gift to another person, if you enter this event and you refuse to send a small mail to your Secret Valentine but receive a gift yourself then the admins will take an item from your inventory and send it in your stead.
  • A small gift must be made if you enter this event, this is the sole main point of it.
  • You cannot gift any ingame currency ( Gold, Credits, Gilda Star, ArcheRage Coins, Honor points, vocation points etc, but you CAN gift items that you have purchased with those said currency.)
  • If you plan on making a valueable or expensive gift, remember the main subject of this event is ''Giving, not taking'' so please do not expect to get the same value of gift back, but you also should not gift some useless items aswell.
  • Have fun!
If there are any questions about this event, do not hesistate to contact me or Nui via the forum or discord.


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Registration opened from today February 2 until February 12, 2019.

Please register like this

1. Name
2. Gender
3. What do you like?
4. What would you want your secret valentine to be like?​
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1. Tido
2. Male
3. Edgy jokes and old memes
4. I want my secret valentine to at least know as many memes as I do or at least be TikTok famous


Well-Known Member
1. Semny
2. Female
3. I like to watch people's emotions
4.I want him to be kinda bizzare


New Member
1. Fayar
2. Female
3. The sea, dogs and cute things!
4. Strong, funny and a little bit romantic


New Member
1. Venden
2. Female
3. I like the world around me who supports me and makes me happy , games , hentai/anime , heram , crafting in archerage and gathering.
4. Strong man who would defend me irl and ingame who would make me happy and proud and with who i could share everything.


1. Rikku
3.I like Marvel Movies and Flowers
4. I want that my secret valentine is same romantic then iam :)


New Member
1. Kzn
2. Male
3. I like Video games, dogs, cats, music
4. I would like that my secret valentine to be funny, play same videogames as me, makes me happy and the most important. Cute (◕ܫ◕)


New Member
1. Gaiuss
2. Female
3. I like Video games, Anime and Manga and Anime and...also Anime and manga
4. valentine? what is it? another anime? xD
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New Member
1. Khaiju
2. Male
3. I like watching TV series and listen rock music!
4. I want to have fun with a funny people!


New Member
  • Quadesh
  • Male
  • Everything or everyone makes me laugh :eek:
  • I would wish for my secret valentine to share the same sense of humor with me ( She does btw, i think it doesnt count but well :v )


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2 days left to register for the flashmob!

Please make sure to read the rules!
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