Daily Lucky Coin


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With the latest update there was a new type of currency added, the "Lucky Coin", but it needs every day 20 specialty packs.
The rewards for 1 coin are really not that worth it, and there are zero people who actually do trade runs now, apart from cargo runs for charcoal.
It's really a waste of labor and a waste of time, not to mention a waste of resources, since it takes long to get materials for those packs. If you had introduced better rewards, or at least be able to get more Lucky Coins in a day, I'm sure it would be a great feature and it would give incentive for people to do trade runs more often.


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I personally know people who were very happy with a possibility to get auto-loot feature for 1 day after doing trade runs for a week without necessity to use credits on it..

1 coin rewards maybe are bad.. but most just keep them until they get 7 for autoloot