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Crypto Currency Guide

As for now we have 2 options for donations available, both are connected with the crypto currency.
You can use such crypto currencies for donations:
- Bitcoin
- Ethereum

We'd also recommend you to choose Ethereum from these 2 crypto currencies. It's advantage is lower transaction fees (3-3,5%).

Here are the links to the web sites with the lowest fees:

You can also use the following websites to purchase crypto currency:

Using this link you can check our players discussions and good advises regarding their experience of purchasing crypto, so may find the answer to one of your questions as well:

A few more useful links on the crypto purchase:

So, your 1st step is to register on one of the mentioned websites, get verified there and purchase the chosen crypto currency (BTC/ETH).

Then you’ll need to log or register in your Shadowcard account following the link


You are already there and logged in. Next step is to choose a payment method. Press BUY on the top ---> choose the card you'd like to purchase (20/30/50/100 points). 1 point = $1. ---> Press on the chosen card.

You'll be automatically transferred to the Coinpayments website: It's just a payment provider so you'll not need to register there if you don't want. BTC/ETH can be transferred through it without the account to be created.

On the right part of the screen there is a field Choose your coin. Press BTC/ETH there and then press Complete Checkout button. It will forward you to 1 option only.

As soon as you get the confirmation that your payment went through, you’ll receive a Shadowcard number.
Go to the list of ShadowCards in your account and copy the hash printed on the card.

If you have a card or have ever been, they are displayed in your account on the SC website.


If the card can be used then its status is Available. In the form on our website, you need to indicate the card number that is on the card itself (highlighted in red box).


If the card has already been used
Sections to monitor
a, then you are shown in the status of the Used card, the name of the account to which it was used, the site where the date was used.


That hash you can use on our ShadowCard widget at
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