ArcheRage 4.0 Update on October 16, 2019


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Dear players!

ArcheRage 4.0 is coming quickly... to be exact, it is coming today!

The server will go down for maintenance on October 16, 2019 at 23:00 CEST
The estimated down time will be: 5 hours

Every player will receive a gift from us in honor of our new update!
Read more about the gifts [
Mini-Event ''Return of the heroes'' [

Shop will be updated:

Version 4.0 Maelstrom will be added to our Game:

  • Version 4.0 ArcheRage Custom Changes [CLICK]​
  • Version 4.0 Patch Notes [CLICK]​

Festivals that will launch after the server is back online:
Hallowtide Festival will last from 17.10.2019 until 12.11.2019
Autumn Lore Festival will last from 17.10.2019 until 29.1.2019
Nui's Chosen Event will last from 17.10.2019 until 17.12.2019
The Team of ArcheRage wishes everyone a good night and we hope you like our version 4.0!
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