AR worth 2021? Questions


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Hello everyone, I've been looking to play Archeage again for dunno how many times already, but before I do spend 20 bucks on Unchained, I did remember the account on ArcheRage, here on RU, but I barley see anyone speaking English, so I would like to ask:

It's AA (or AR) worth to play at 2021 for some time?
Where are english speaking players (or spanish speaking, better yet)? They made finally the EU server?
Wich tips would give to someone that returned after.. dunno, 3.0? Don't remember yet the version AR was when I left.



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Hi! Yes its definitely worth to still start - since there is hiram and library gear which you can obtain just by grinding / doing quests.
English speakers are all divided between haranya, nuia and pirate faction.
You see most talk in factionchat being russian because most english players speak on guild/family/discord/ voice chats with their friends.
Generally, questions about the game will be more likely to be answered from alot of players if you ask them on our discord, this is where you can also find guilds etc!