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Greetings, this thread is intended as a logical collection of new and existing information relating to ArcheRage, laid out in a manner that will hopefully make it easy to read and understand.

If there are any mistakes, or if you would like to suggest additional content for the guide, please let me know.

1. Download and Installation
2. Converting from Russian to English
3. Server Information
4. Server Rules
5. Forum Rules
7. GameMaster Interaction
8. Cash Shop
9. Starting out, and early gear progression
10. First Weeks
11. English speaking communities

1. Download and Installation
  • Register for a game account here.
    • Google translate doesn't play nice with this page, using it will prevent registration, the boxes, in order from top to bottom are username, email, password, confirm password.
  • Download the client via torrent.
2. Converting from Russian to English
ArcheRage is based upon Russian game files and as such uses the Russian client, fortunately for most gameplay we can change to English, however, some activities such as the use of the auction house, only function in Russian.
  • Launch the game client once, this will auto-generate config files for ArcheRage
  • Navigate to /My Documents/ArcheAge/
  • Open system.cfg in a text editor
  • Append `locale = "en_us"` to the end of the file
  • Save the config and relaunch your client.
When dealing with the auction house it is unfortunately required that you use Russian item names, a recommended plugin for the chrome browser is the Archeage DB plugin, which will show item names in English and Russian concurrently.

3. Server Information
Server Name: ArcheRage
Server Location: France
Labor Regen: 40 per 5 minutes
Labor Cap: 5k
Experience Rates: 5x
Drop Rate: 2x
Regrade Rate: 1x
Reset: Daily 10pm GMT

4. Server Rules (Paraphrased from Dongli's thread)
1. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt a user from them, by registering you agree to the ArcheRage terms of service.
2. Account sharing in all forms is prohibited and will result in a permanent suspension.
3. In addition to rule 2, all actions made by an account will be attributed to the account holder, without exception.
4. ArcheRage is staffed by volunteers, disrespecting these volunteers can and will result in permanent account suspension.
5. The posting transcripts of conversations with ArcheRage staff are strictly prohibited and will result in permanent account suspension.
6. Abuse of bugs will result in a permanent account suspension, any bugs encountered should be reported via the appropriate channels.
7. Use of third-party software is strictly prohibited, this includes but is not limited to input broadcasters and/or macro/automation software.
8. Any player partaking in, or advertising real-world trading will receive a permanent account suspension.
9. Any player partaking in, or advertising sale of ArcheRage accounts for ingame, or real life assets, will receive a permanent account suspension.
10. Advertising of third party services, whether related to ArcheRage, ArcheAge or any other platform will result in a permanent suspension.
11. Due to the free nature of ArcheRage accounts, and the unfair advantage available to users of multiple accounts, each player is limited to one account. Any user found to be in breach of this rule will recieve a permanent suspension on all active accounts.
12. Intentionally acting as a nuisance or trolling events held by in-game staff will result in a temporary suspension, with a permanent suspension for repeat offenders.
13. Scamming is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent suspension
14. 1 account for 1 player. You can't use alt accounts! It can be a reason of ban!

Punishments are not set in stone, and cases will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

5. Forum Rules (Paraphrased from Dongli's thread)
1. Keep forum conduct civil, vulgar language, obscenity and racism will be treated harshly.
2. Whilst conversations can get heated, directly insulting other players is not allowed.
3. Do not post duplicate topics, the search feature exists for a reason.
4. Please keep signatures to a sane size, excessive signatures will be removed.
5. Advertising/Discussing the production, preparation or consumption of narcotic products is strictly forbidden.
6. Do not advertise third-party services or websites
7. Do not discuss bugs in the server, please report this via appropriate channels to claim your bug bounty.
8. Any topic seen as a threat to the ArcheRage project, its staff, or playerbase, will be removed.​

6. GameMaster Interaction
1. Event Managers, Helpers and Moderators have no access to game files.
2. GameMasters have no knowledge of Server development and will not be able to help with these matters.
3. GameMasters can not use their power to further their own, or another players cause, any such incident should be reported.​

7. Cash Shop (Paraphrased and screenshots from Dongli's thread)

20 USD - 4600
30 USD - 7000
50 USD - 11800
100 USD - 25000

  • Go to ShadowCard and register there.
  • Then tap on the button PURCHASE A CARD
  • Tap on the button CRYPTO CURRENCY
  • Navigate to "Account" on the top right, once there your recent purchases will be on the middle.
  • Copy the card number and navigate back to the ArcheRage website.
  • Log into your ArcheRage account via the portal
  • On your account page, click to apply your new prepaid card
  • In the dialog that pops up, insert your pre-paid key, your game login and passwod.

You can buy crypto currency (Bitcoin и Ethereum) in any external system.
Here are some examples(Bitcoin и Ethereum):

8. Starting out

Probably the single most important thing to know when starting out on the ArcheRage server is that most forms of labor consumption are disabled until level 52, this means no trade runs, no farming and no resource processing. Proficiencies that I am aware of that work pre-52 are fishing (Not sports fishing), Larceny and processing resources with Blue Salt Knives (I.E Turning wheat into ground grain). You are also able to consume labor identifying armor/weapon/accesories however this will only consume small amounts until reaching Auroria. As such, these will be your main labour dumps pre-52. (Roughly estimated level 52 is approximately 10 hours of gameplay, if that.)

The fact the server features a 5x experience rate means that most forms of questing are worthless, as the number of "levelling quests" far exceeds the number required to hit cap.

Follow your green quests, performing local kill quests if the area you're in begins to exceed your own level, green quests provide great XP and generous gilda star rewards which will come in useful later.

Around the level 45 mark it is worth looking into performing the Hasla and Karkasse gear questlines, these will provide you entry-level end-game gear, farming at level 55 in the sets provided by these quests is entirely viable, albeit ill-advised. This thread from the official forums covers how to complete the quest chains and where to find them.

Chances are you've now got to the point in your green questline where you're required to kill Ocleera, the most common time you'll see Ocleera being killed is at daily reset (10PM GMT) the NPC spawns in western diamond shores, and requires a raid to kill, if you get the opportunity make sure to tag along to progress your quest.

As anyone with experience on live will know, the 50+ grind is, well exactly that, most of your experience will come from grinding mobs, or performing labor tasks - So get down to the grind, and enjoy :)

10. First Weeks

11. English speaking communities

Nyash and Myash
Red Dawn​

If you are an English speaking community and would like adding to this section then please get in touch.

This thread is obviously still a work in progress and all feedback is appreciated.
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