A Guide to: Saturdays Mirage Isle Fish Fest


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Ever wondered what is the Mirage Isle fishing fest that is ongoing every saturday?
Ever wondered... is it worth my time? what are the rewards? what do I do?
Well! I'm here to help you out this time!

Every saturday at 15:00 CEST (16:00 MSK) the Mirage Fish Fest will begin!
It will last for 1 hour!

Step 1.

Go to your local Mirage Isle teleporter


Step 2.
Press M, check your map and go to the marked location



Step 3.
Talk to the Daru and obtain your Mirage Fishing Rod and also your Mirage Lures.




Step 4.
If you think, well! This fishing rod is no match for me, I want something better... and... mooooar lures! Fear not, talk to the NPC again, this time go into his Shop and you will see a selection of items that you can buy to make your 1 hour of fishing fest the most enjoyable it can get!


Step 5.
Now that we are set and ready to fish, equipt your fishing rod, turn arround to face the water and start sportfishing!
What is sport fishing?

Please click HERE (coming soon) to head to my sport fishing guide.

Step 6.
Once you have successfully catched your fish, you will notice its size might vary, the larger size your fish has, the higher you will be on the rankings! Cool right?
But thats not all! Did you get unlucky and got a small fish that you rather would want to have as an decoration? Fear not, you can do that on the NPC where you also will sell your fish.


Step 7.
Keep fishing until the 1hour runs out, then you can check your ranking if you press SHIFT + U or on the menu bar on the right. Go to ''Sport Fishing'' and check for your name!


  • 1st Place - Sport Fisherman Reward Box - Mythic (contains: Golden Fishbowl, 1000 gold and 30 Fisher King coins.)
  • 2nd Place - Sport Fisherman Reward Box - Legendary (contains: Silver Fishbowl, 500 gold and 20 Fisher King coins.)
  • 3rd Place - Sport Fisherman Reward Box - Epic (contains: Bronze Fishbowl, 300 gold and 15 Fisher King coins.)
See you on the fishing festival next saturday folks!