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  1. Riddimgr

    The RookBorn Event Ended too soon, it still had 2 hours left

    Delete Thanks
  2. Riddimgr

    Fusion Alembic General merchant price Downgrade [Suggestion Poll]

    Greetings Fellow Archrage community players, I would like to ask all of you who are interested, what you think of changing the price for Fusion Alembic from the General merchant to a price more reasonable. I am suggesting this because I feel their should be more availability in customising our...
  3. Riddimgr


    The Tournament of power will begin once the Great Queen of the Warborn, Amoya receives a Mail from a Brave Dwarf, Then what follows next will be an organised and planned date for both participants. All will be welcomed to watch, as this Defining battle will decide who is the strongest! Warborn...
  4. Riddimgr


    Lower the Gold Cost for "FUSION ALEMBICS" to a more reasonable price that way more players can enjoy making more custom Gear images. Also can there be a means implemented to also removing image items from gears, so players may replace it on a new or different gear. Thanks
  5. Riddimgr

    Constant Disconects During Abyssal Event

    Why is the client constantly force closing during Abyssal event?
  6. Riddimgr

    3.0 New Race Customisation problems

    #1 Cannot select hairstyles #2 Do not have all colour options to choose colour of hairstyles, including multi coloured hairstyles. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If you are please respond if you have additional issues of this sort, so as to get them looked at.
  7. Riddimgr

    Archrage Game of Thrones (Server RP event)

    Role Play Story line mode: Nuian Kingdoms/nations : #1 (input name) Kingdom of Solzreed #2 (input name) Republic of Dew stone # 3 (input name) Dictatorship of Hell swamp Etc.... # 4 5 6 - Sandeep, Two crowns, Cinderstone, white Arden, Gwenid. Harany Kingdoms/nations: (same as above) (Names...
  8. Riddimgr

    10 Houres Later Account Suspension Is anything being done?

    Will there be anything done? I havent had any response in over 10 hrs, is this a wide spread issue affecting more than my self? Why has there been such little to no information given to players like me who are affected? What is taking so long for the Admins to respond? I have waited since...
  9. Riddimgr

    Nyash and East Heaven guilds reduced to clumsy pathetic Pirates now? stealing merchants lol congratz

    You have achieved a new level of Low. well done
  10. Riddimgr

    English Guild Forsaken (West)

    For info and recruitment please mail or pm in game the following: Nightshade (leader) Riddim (Officer) Active guild focus on Cooperation.
  11. Riddimgr

    EN player Suggestion Regards to Updates and Information translation

    Greetings my fellow Archrage community members, I would like to suggest if possible that the Server Update and possibly other important Information such as server rules and such have an English converted section, for those like my self who sadly do not speak Russian, and would like to be aware...
  12. Riddimgr

    Lets Make Online Role Playing Games Great again

    Come People of all nations and backgrounds, Do you remember the tale of how RPG was made? when it was born into the world Most of your probably do not, I am here to say to you all, Lets try to find that Meaning again of Online Role playing gaming, Lets Remember the Values of Gaming in general...
  13. Riddimgr

    Client Language to English, Guide

    Hi all here is a guide to make your client Into English, with great thanks to kalle801 who Helped to provide the Solution to the changing system.cfg and Also to Admin Soren who Provided great assistance thank you Both. Also Thank to my best friend Twig who helped a great deal trying to find a...
  14. Riddimgr

    Is there Anyone who knows a way to change the client language to en

    If there is anyone who is able to provide me with any info on how to change the game client language to en please contact me. thanks
  15. Riddimgr

    Is it possible to get the game Client into English?

    Hi all I am a new player here on this server, and I just managed to log on in game, I found that the client in game is fully Russian language. Is there any way or possibility for that to be adjusted to suite English speaking players? Please let me know, thanks