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  1. Stirling

    Replacing the location of radar on Enoan Galleon (Frigati)

    Hello, Since we had a change on Black Pearl (Growling Yawl) at 4.5 which also let players to have the radar on bottom floor for easy to use. I'd like to have the same for the Enoan Galleon (Frigati). After this change the players who have the last tier telescope/compass will be able to place it...
  2. Stirling

    End of the Marriage (Divorce) [17.02-19.02]

  3. Stirling

    Rainbow turned into Marriage (08.02)

    New content is out, enjoy! 'beer
  4. Stirling

    The Heaven vs Everyone (29.01)

    Enjoy and watch the content! ;)
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    Enjoy, ?
  6. Stirling

    The Heaven (4.0 Some Casual Clips)

    I hope you enjoy :)
  7. Stirling

    [4.0] Crafting materials have been changed on Maelstrom patch

    Hello, As you know after 4.0 patch has been released, crafting receipe of serpentis sleeves have been changed on all kind of armours (Leather/Cloth/Plate). Pre-patch (3.5), all kind of sleeves were only requiring 500 Warrior's Medals( equals to 50.000 Honour in new system) [25 Honorforged...
  8. Stirling

    Auramancy Abyssal Pull

    Hello, I've just checked it on Public Test Server and still you can't cast it on yourself although dont remember actually is it bug or it will be released on 4.0. Could any of staff let us know about it or if its possible can you sort this out on 3.5 patch? Thanks,