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    Should Leech be nerfed?

    Hi guys, I was talking to the Admin Nui and he said if I make a poll and people vote that they want to see a leech nerf then it will be nerfed. I have thought of some options for the nerf such as lowing the duration, adding sleep break into skills such as shrug it off or making it like official...
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    Nerf to Leech

    Currently pvp is just leech spam, if a mage hits you with it they just frozen tracks into a meteor godswhip and there is 0 counterplay at all. This is a very common thing and it needs to be nerfed in some way such with a duration decrease or something where it's no longer first person to leech...
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    What fov mods are allowed?

    Hi guys, what fov mods are allowed and can I get a link please?
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    Constant afks in arena

    Will anything ever be done about it? getting an afk every 1-2 games and frankly it's ridiculous
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    WTS Ayanad Gale Katana - Epic/Epoch

    Ingame name = Ambi. Mail me offers
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    Wtb Epic Long Spear + Spectre

    Hi guys, I buy an Epic Long Spear, I am Western Continent, Ambi ingame.
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    Looking for English speaking guild

    hi guys, I am looking for a english speaking guild, ty Ambi ingame
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    English speaking guilds

    hi guys what are the English speaking guilds on this server?