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    Question: Detection of cheating players

    Modification of local data will not be detected, I see many abnormal players now play very comfortable, including the previous naka, until he left he was not detected, 3500GS kill 6500 only 2HIT, you can not believe me, but not only I have seen. thank for all, respect all administrators. Peace...
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    Эфенские руны

    If you want to add, please delete the special attributes of the ayanad and T7 runes. The last attribute needs to be deleted. Otherwise, the new equipment will lose its meaning. I suggest that you do not add it.
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    Восточная гильдия Black Star

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    WTB wrathsmite armor shard

    Редкий материал Легендарный предмет Обломок статуи Иштара
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    WTB wrathsmite armor shard

    邮件 :qiutr
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    Дракон Гартарейн и лут

    thank you for your eyes,TG want collect 6800+gs potato ,and together face all))
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    Гильдия "No Offense"

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    Термиты "не" в засосе с истами.