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    [Ваши работы] "Лепестки"

    1: Felstrex 2:
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    [Видео-ивент] "Путь воина"

    very few players come to forums. There is no advertising of events in game by Moderators. This was a good event. But I did not know of it until today.
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    Сколько на сервере активных огородников

    Everyone wants PvP and siege mechanics. I propose 3 things: 1. remove the ability get lord coins from the castle as owners. The only way you can get Lord coins is by doing your daily quest. 2. Remove the peace fund entirely. This would make each zone exactly the same value. 3. Force Sieges with...
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    rng box multipack issue

    It has been up for the purchase of the Marmalde Crate boxes. I was given an error. I had credits to purchase. I have a screen shot attached.
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    Сколько на сервере активных огородников

    Personally I find it hilarious that the leader of the guild that held ALL the teritories in 2.9 wants to revert to that system since systems have been implemented to prevent that. Also the point that has been raised about "this is not the situation now", correct, but it will be. The reason 2.9...
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    [Конкурс]"Жизнь - театр, игра - кино"

    So, first of all congratulations to all the winners. I just want o point one thing that confuses me. When you list the winners, you list of first place "most sentimental" second " silent story" and so on. Does this imply your interpretation of the videos or were they considered categories? I...
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    Обновление 8.08.2018

    So i want to ban RaVeNSaMoN for her glasses, they are an obvious advertisement for Eye Doctors ... or how about Charly for the Card in front of his face this is obviously bannable for use of an image w/o consent. You could ban almost any single person here with an avatar :) How about anyone...
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    Обновление 8.08.2018

    here is reality ... in a later patch 3.5, I think, maybe not, Pirates do not go to jail when killed on Harnya and Nuia. This is a mechanic. if you argue let me ask, what guards are nutral to Pirates? ... none. what continent can we arrange peace with? ... none. what gold trader do we have...
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    Пиратская гильдия "Oh Boy"

    I wonder if there is more than 56 seconds of the conversation :)
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    3.0.3 Global Update

    pirates still die in Karkasse ridgelands as of 8-1-18 and go to jail.
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    3.0.3 Global Update

    personally this I think this seige update will realistically change very little if you look at the dynamics of the top 20 guilds. you will still have 2 - 3 guilds owning/ buying all the scrolls. it is not about ability to bid it is about amount. these top 2 - 3 guilds can just drop 30 - 40k a...
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    Oh Boy [Pirate Recruitment]

    Oh Boy still recruiting Non Salty members to come join the RULING system in game. Benefits? We are a close knit group of friends playing together with no jealous people. We either own or deny content based on our decisions of that day. But the biggest benefit to coming Pirate.... you do not...
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    Классные осады!

    I went to Sungold Fields at the end of the Siege. 10 minutes or so before the end. Once I left the port in area and proceeded to the northern NUI I disconnected. The seige ended and I continued to Disconnect for about 10 minutes of so after from about 300 meters out of the nui, to the northern...
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    Решение вопроса с палубным оборудованием для погружений

    So I am curious ... you can put 1 on a schooner. How many can you put on a Galleon? 2? if so that is kind of .... OH SNAP!!!! There is a galleon 900 meters away ( 3 seconds later ) your swimming over your wrecked schooner.
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    Обновление сервера 30.03.2018

    To be honest, it does not matter how much. Is it a benefit to the human race to kill the diseased and febble .. sure, some would argue. However, the rules remain it is not allowed. You just do not like the ruls, get over it go back to live or another game. PERIOD. Aso as to answer the question...