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    I understand that monetization is important in order to maintain a server, but I find it very hard to believe that such a thing is not possible to do without creating a small elite of human gods with 7k GS that are literally impossible to PvP without taking your own credit card out and swiping thousands of dollars. So my question is: has there been any discussion about making changes to the cash shop? This was the main reason the game never got popular, so surely you must have thought about it atleast.
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    There are no plans of changing the cash shop further, it was already changed and prices reduced while gaining more credits for less $.
    Of course I understand the frustration but majority of the 7k + gs players are also playing the game for 1 year plus, and not all of them swipe for gear.

    To catch up to veteran players that actively play for almost 2 years of course is hard, but on our server the average gear score should lie in the 4-5,5 k range.

    For big promotions like soon the 3.5 update we will be giving out beginner/welcome packages for player who have started on our server in the last months which will provide them with t4/t2 celestial obsidian gears and should push to close to or above the 4k gs mark.

    Of course there are players that nonstop swipe to make their gear instead of farming for it or something, but even if the cash shop was changed further they would still do the same.

    I hope I answered all your questions
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