Im looking for for an ENGLISH GUILD

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  1. LaughingCross

    LaughingCross New Member

    Hello there
    Are there any english guilds in the russian Version, if so, let me know, heard very good things about this game.
    I am sure i would be fun having some english Speakers around me.

    regards, Cross
  2. Remm

    Remm Well-Known Member

  3. Crysanium

    Crysanium Active Member Команда форума EN-CH Moderator

    Hello, please check the recruitment section. You may join Nyash nyash on the haranya side, you can talk to Rikku ingame, she is an officer. it is a fully international guild speaking english. They are active every day. as for west guilds, there is a new recruitment going on right now. Just check on this topic :)

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