[Flashmob] Be my valentine

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  1. Dizzy

    Dizzy New Member

    1. Dizzy
    2. Male
    3. Memes and funny videos
    4. Crazy and with a special sense of humor
  2. Friction

    Friction New Member

    1. Friction
    2. Female
    3. I'm burry
    4. You should always say I'm a kitten.
  3. 1. Ellesandra
    2. Male-ish
    3. I farm cows. Lag is my life. Give me your romantic vows and be my husband or wife.
    4. I'm mostly here to savagely bully Tido with dank memes.
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  4. Nymeria

    Nymeria New Member

    • Ririchiyo
    • Female
    • I love cats and tea and plushies \o/
    • I would wish for my secret valentine to not always run so far away from his loyal healer and end up dying x:
  5. Crysanium

    Crysanium Active Member Команда форума EN-CH Moderator

    2 hours 15 minutes left to register!
  6. Ahmedka

    Ahmedka Active Member

    2. feMale
    3. I love potato and Nobakikikikiki
    4.Nobakikikiki :)
  7. Crysanium

    Crysanium Active Member Команда форума EN-CH Moderator

    Registrations are closed!

    Everyone will receive a mail ingame with their secret valentine on February 14 between 06:00 to 08:00 CET (08:00-10:00 MSK).

    Gifting time therefor starts at 08:00 CET (10:00 MSK) as soon you have received the mail with your partner until Februray 16, 2019.

    Please post a picture of the mail you have sent on this topic.

    and I hope everyone will meet a nice Secret Valentine!
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  8. CactuS

    CactuS Active Member

    Без имени.png 2.png

    and translate:

    Despite the fact that you are a guy (just like me), and in spite of the fact that you repeatedly attacked me in pvp, I congratulate you on St. Valentine's Day. I want to be healthy, be loved. As well as successful grades and engravings. I give you elixirs to survive longer in battle, sweet marzipans (to you, to eat, or to lure beauties) breakfasts of the hero to become a true hero, a construction plan with which you will start building your posh mansion, and of joyful mood =)


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  9. Kzn

    Kzn New Member

    Happy valentines day Everyone :) Sry for the small gift i'm not rich so i can't give a lot xD
    Valentines Mail.png Valentines Mail 2.png
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  10. Remm

    Remm Active Member

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  11. Semny

    Semny Well-Known Member

    You want to be very fun,
    Very reasonable and kind to all.
    I want to remained you all happy,
    And wish that you had your own personal harem.

    I wish the sequel of your favorite anime )
  12. Rikku

    Rikku New Member

    Happy Valentine :)


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      for flamil.jpg
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  13. Nerono

    Nerono Active Member

    Eks Dee
  14. Fayar

    Fayar New Member

    Happy Valentine's day guys :) ScreenShot1286.jpg
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  15. Ramm

    Ramm New Member

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  16. Hi everyone,

    Here's the screenshots. I did something a bit special) So the real surprise for tido is in the chest on my farm) I will add a picture later what is actually in it (or he will :D ) but he will be the first to see it so I don't ruin the surprise!


    Dear Tido, before you go treasure hunting, have a map. So you don't get lost looking for the chest.


    I'm waiting,


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  17. Flamil

    Flamil New Member

    With Love on this Valentine's Day!

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  18. Dizzy

    Dizzy New Member

  19. Tido received his price) So the contets of the chest are here for your eyes.

    - Elle

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  20. Friction

    Friction New Member

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